The Bridge Community Church


We're glad that you're here.

The Bridge exists to be a place where you can be free to consider the claims of Christ, to connect with God and with others, and to commit to loving God and showing His love to others. We look and function differently than most traditionally-styled churches:

The Bridge is not for everyone and that's okay because there are a lot of good churches in our area. If you are interested in a place where you can be authentic with the people around you rather than having to pretend to be perfect, where the focus is on grace and love rather than on empty religion, where who you are inside is more important than how you are dressed, or where people seek to focus more on helping the people around them than on their own comfort, then we might be the place for you. If you are looking for a place where it is safe to bring doubts, struggles, and questions as we consider the claims of Christ, where people are welcomed and invited to connect with God and others in an open, genuine, casual environment, and where people recognize the importance of showing God's engaging love to everyone in the community around us, then the Bridge exists to make a place around the table for you. We hope that you will journey with us.

Join us Sunday mornings at 10:45am at Lake Pointe Academy. We begin serving free coffee and snacks 30 minutes before each service.