The Bridge Community Church

Small GroupsSmall Groups

At The Bridge, we believe that followers of Jesus are to be transformed by close relationship with Christ and His people. We are committed to a culture of community.

Beginning Sunday, September 10, our small groups will meet on Sunday mornings at 9:45am on our campus before worship service. Groups will be offerred for all ages. We hope that you will join us.

While many people think of church as just somewhere you show up on Sunday morning, the church is something much greater than this. The church is a community of believers who have been rescued by God and formed into a new family. At The Bridge, we believe that the best way to build close community and enable genuine spiritual development is in small groups that encourage openness, acceptance, transparency, and helping others. We foster this community through small groups that study the Bible, offer support and encouragement to one another, and serve the community around us.

We hope that you will make small groups a priority in your spiritual journey.